Eco-friendly Ink

“At Loftin & Company Printers, we use environmentally friendly Biolocity Printing ink.

Biolocity is a sheet fed ink that delivers superb lithographic performance, press productivity and print quality with extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Biolocity sets a new industry benchmark for green formulation technology with the incorporation of a minimum of 60% bio-derived, renewable and sustainable raw materials.

Biolocity is formulated with 23% or more vegetable oil and does not contain any petroleum-derived ink solvents, an essentially 100% solids formulation with extremely low VOC content (less than 3% by EPA Method 24). Biolocity offers outstanding lithographic performance on a wide variety of porous substrates, delivering a rub resistant, durable printed product on a broad range of papers and boards. An extremely fast setting and drying performance provides a substantial reduction in time to bindery, a critical factor in today’s short run and time-sensitive market.

Biolocity stays open on the rollers overnight and for up to one week in the ink fountain, its highly press-stable formulation reduces make-ready time and color drift during runs, resulting in less time and printed waste. Biolocity is suitable for aqueous coating, UV coating (off-line), and lamination.”

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